Women Are Thriving in the Content Creation Industry, & MetDaan is Empowering Them Do So

Whether it is on beauty, entertainment, food, or family, women content creators are flourishing in this creative industry and don’t plan on stopping. With over 85% of the 600+ creators MetDaan works with being females, the digital publisher is accomplishing its mission for women empowerment every day. And although they are appreciated every day, today on International Women’s Day more than ever, is it fit to celebrate the women behind the inspiring content MetDaan shares—the ones who create it and the ones for whom it is created.

Starting on Facebook in 2015, then steadily growing on Instagram and Snapchat, MetDaan has grown into a digital media and entertainment company creating, curating and publishing content for a digital-first audience. Now, as of 2020, they have created a community where content creators, social editors, and brands share empowering content aimed at female audiences inspiring them to explore their creativity. 

MetDaan’s social channels enjoy a great following of 110 million people and generate over 1.7 billion video views on average each month. This means that being published by any of their pages, undoubtedly, leads to instant success—a thing they seem to do with no hesitation. 

All of the women they collaborate with bring their own individuality, creativity, and passion to the table. However, judging from the creators’ comments, MetDaan is an essential part of their creative journey. By giving them a platform to showcase their work, they turn their passions into paychecks. So, they were already powerful, this digital publisher just helped show the world that they are.

Here are some of these prospering content creators and what they had to say about MetDaan:

Ashley Mamou

Ashley Mamou aka @_browsbyash is a brow expert. Whether you want some brow inspo, brow satisfaction, or to book an appointment (if you’re lucky enough to live near her), Ash’s Instagram page (and MetDaan’s for frequent features or reposts) is the one to follow.

Working with Met Daan has been one of the greatest blessings by far! Having such a supportive system behind BROWS BY ASH, encourages me to perfect. Perfect my work, perfect my watchful eye, perfect my social media engagement and performance. MetDaan, thank you for being a part of ME!

Krystal Sutherland

Krystal Clear Makeup is a makeup guru and a full-time mom. She inspires women every day to be creative, be themselves, push their own boundaries and take risks. 

The support I’ve been shown by MetDaan, and the partnership that has blossomed between us, has been nothing short of incredible! My content isn’t what you would typically see on beauty channels and although it’s polished and professional, it exudes a raw and real vibe. I’m not afraid to share the “ugly moments” and often find that THE BEST transformations (inside & out) come from seizing those moments and making them yours! 

Having a large platform like MetDaan recognize my content and consistently share it with their audience has been life-changing! I’ve seen a tremendous amount of growth to my platforms due to this support and am forever grateful for the relationship. They get me! And that connection has been SUPER empowering and I know will continue to lead to amazing things

Rosie’s Dessert Spot

Rosie’s Dessert Spot is all about the sweet stuff! She is a master at cake decorating and shares tips and techniques on how to learn to do her dessert recipes… but it’s enough for most of us to just watch and drool.

MetDaan has been an incredible support in helping me to build my confidence around content creation and has helped me spread my passion around the world, and empower other bakers in their kitchens. Together, we have been able to inspire emerging home cake artists everywhere and hopefully give others the tools they need to start their own cake journey. 

Aside from helping me reach a wider audience, MetDaan has also made it possible for me to grow my channel with the added support I needed to remain focused on working from home, rather than splitting my focus between jobs. I am very grateful for their support over the years

Ana Brandt Photography

Ana Brandt is a professional maternity and newborn photographer. MetDaan loved her delightful images and didn’t hesitate to share them for the world to see.

I have loved working with MetDaan. MetDaan has shown my images that have gone viral around the world with millions of views. I appreciate the recognition of my work and sharing it across the world.

Trendafilka Kirova 

Trendafilka Kirova is a braid artist. Her Instagram page @another_braid is the place to go for hair inspiration. MetDaan gave her a platform to showcase her work and motivated her to keep learning and growing—and she seems to be very thankful for it. 

MetDaan has empowered me by giving me the freedom to create by my own terms, making me feel in control of my work by allowing me to do what I love and enjoy most in the world. With their help, showcasing my work in front of millions of people, and getting positive feedback from them, proved to me that I am capable of anything. Interacting with people on their platforms has motivated me to be more creative, happy and productive. They have helped me share my skills and knowledge with a broader audience and share my talent with the world. MetDaan has empowered me to master something new, keep learning and gaining new skills every day so that I could share new ideas with the world.


MiLena is a needlework artist. So, if you are fond of needlework and love to create interesting things with your own hands, OR just like watching others do it, she is the person to follow. 

I would like to thank Metdaan for the opportunity of other people learning about me. I believe that we make the world a little better by sharing our skills and abilities—and MetDaan gives us the platform to do so. When you feel the feedback from the audience, you want to do more. Thank you for your support and for expanding my horizons; I am glad to be with you on the same team.

Stella Cini

Stella Cini is a self-taught artist and YouTuber who expresses her art through colorful hair colors.

I’ve been working with MetDaan for quite a while now, and they have been a truly amazing platform to work with. By sharing my content, and doing so regularly, they have significantly opened up my horizons for so many new and exciting opportunities and I can not be more grateful.

Linda Marin Sanchez 

@makeupbysanchez is a makeup artist who’s grown so much that she now has her own brand. She, too, is grateful for MetDaan’s support.

MetDaan has been a part of my journey since the beginning. They have been supporting me and so many more content creators to share our passion and creativity around the social media world!

Elwa Saleh 

Who ever said fashion and higher education don’t go together? Elwa Saleh is an inspiring fashion and beauty influencer with an MBA degree in her pocket. 

In this busy media landscape, MetDaan has given me the opportunity to showcase my work and become part of a bigger beauty community. Through them, I feel a sense of belonging and this empowers me to continue to co-create and inspire. I am so fortunate to be one of MetDaan’s partners.

Sveta Sanders

Sveta Sanders is a Russian nail artist who thanks MetDaan for the opportunities for development and recognition she got from being shared by them.

I am very glad to work with MetDaan! This company provides great opportunities for development. A huge number of people recognized me thanks to MetDaan. And I really like to watch your channels, too, because it is very exciting! I find a lot of useful and interesting information there! Thank you for your work!

Publishers with such huge audiences have the opportunity to do great things towards women empowerment, and it is nice to know there are ones that use their platform for good. So, the editorial team over at MetDaan is definitely to be applauded for supporting women content creators and publishing content loved by millions.

So, to all women, whether you’re a creator or a supporter: Happy International Women’s Day!