MetDaan Fitness – a community of people who want to stay fit

Whether you want to get in better shape from the comfort of your home, find an exciting new workout to try at the gym, or simply learn more about the world of health and fitness, we’re here to serve you with the best fitness content.

We created our Facebook page MetDaan Fitness to help a community of people that want to stay fit, by collecting and creating content related to health and fitness, including healthy meals, and different gym and home workouts. When it comes to staying fit, discipline and determination are key factors. We usually motivate our audience to start working out for their own mental and physical health benefits, by sharing videos of fitness creators from our influencer partners all over the world.  

Based on the comments we have received from our community, we have motivated several people to start working out for the first time, restart their workout routines if they had been pausing, or we have simply exposed them to many new working out techniques that target different parts of the body.

The benefits of working out and staying fit are several, starting with improving your mood, boosting your energy, helping you sleep better, controlling your weight gain, as well as preventing different health risks. 

New opportunities for Fitness Creators

With the outbreak of COVID-19 altering many life processes, the at-home fitness options have increased, and most fitness content creators have started posting combinations of both at-home and gym workouts. Digital content has allowed people the ability to choose between working out at home, or at the gym while being exposed to several exercise options at both facilities.

The creator economy is growing every day, and both its entertaining and educational aspects are helping communities of people from all around the world to simplify their lives. Through MetDaan Fitness, we have tapped into the creativity of different fitness creators globally, sharing their abilities and skill sets with our fitness community.

About MetDaan Fitness

MetDaan Fitness is one of the most-followed fitness channels on Facebook, with 1.9 million followers. This channel is known all over the world for its educational, entertaining, and very helpful fitness and workout videos. The videos on this channel are designed to motivate our community to commit to their workouts, as well as to help them become the healthiest version of themselves. MetDaan Fitness attracts highly engaged worldwide audiences.