MetDaan DIY, the handy guide for millions of people

Everyone loves learning good hacks that make life easier. At MetDaan, we have tapped into video content to help our audience find the easiest ways for performing different activities, by showing them relevant life-improving hacks, tips, and tricks. While we have a channel for every taste, today we will put the spotlight on the impact of MetDaan DIY as a handy guide for millions of people worldwide. 

MetDaan DIY is a section of MetDaan Magazine, that provides the most helpful tips about creating, decorating, and repairing things on your own. This channel is your friend for hacks in the garden, kitchen, wardrobe, car … you name it.  Many of the videos posted on MetDaan DIY channels are originally created by our production team, whereas others are curated by talented creators worldwide.

About MetDaan DIY

MetDaan DIY is one of the most-watched DIY digital channels in the world, reaching an average of +1 billion video views across social media platforms every month. This channel is known all over the world for its life-improving, entertaining, and incredibly clever crafts. The videos on this channel are designed to inspire and tap the creativity that exists inside each of us. MetDaan DIY offers a mix of handy initiatives and quite useful life hacks, attracting highly engaged worldwide audiences.

For a long time now, Tubular Leaderboards ranks MetDaan DIY among the top three channels with the most views out of global creators across platforms, in the field of home & DIY. We are thrilled to inspire creativity in millions of people and help them out with their daily life challenges. MetDaan Head of Content Shaban Maxhuni shares:

“MetDaan DIY has been among the first channels we have created. This channel produces content that helps our audience use creative ways for solving everyday problems. Considering the amazing number of more than 1 billion video views each month, we can confidently say that our audience is benefiting from the many hacks, tips, and tricks we show in our MetDaan DIY content. We are happy to impact people’s lives through our content, every day.”

What are the benefits of watching DIY content?

Crafting teaches many qualities in a person. Resilience, flexibility, creativity, and resourcefulness can be easily built and developed while crafting different things. Apart from that,  it is very rewarding to see how good you can do different crafts on your own, with guidance from experts online.

Crafting activities are commonly known to be therapeutical, because they focus the attention of a person on the craft, moving them away from negative thoughts. Furthermore, seeing your craftwork come to life can give you a sense of productivity, creating positive emotions about the activity you’re performing.

Especially during the time of isolation imposed by the COVID-19 outbreak, we could see an increase in creative hobbies and crafting activities, which reportedly helped people get through those challenging times. Crafting is considered to have effects similar to meditation, to be a natural anti-depressant, and surprisingly, even to protect people from aging

We are happy to be dedicating content that helps millions of people find the best hacks, improve their daily life, and contribute to their overall wellbeing.