A day at MetDaan: Community Manager Edition

Meet Ariana, our Community Manager at MetDaan! Read about what she usually does in a day, and see how she plays a very important role in keeping in touch with our community.

What does a Community Manager do?

A Community Manager makes sure the community gets the information they need, keeps the conversation going, and makes efforts to make the community a nice and enjoyable place to be.  Whether they’re engaging with people on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or another platform, they are there to help and make sure that those people are being heard, appreciated, and noticed. The role of a Community Manager is important because they give the brand a human touch, while also keeping the harmony between the people engaging in everyday posts.

Meet one of our Community Managers

Ariana joined MetDaan in November last year, and with her outstanding interpersonal skills and attention to detail, she is a natural at this job.  Ariana manages the community of more than ten MetDaan channels, always taking care to interact with the people that put in their two cents on our comments section.

Daily Routine

Ariana is punctual. She likes to come to the office 10-15 minutes earlier than the others, pour a macchiato from our coffee machine, and sit at one of our chill zones. She usually prefers to be in the chill zone with the swings. 

Ariana is very interested in international politics. While she is having her coffee, she likes to catch up with the latest news in the local and international areas. Then, once other colleagues start coming in, she engages in conversations with them about the events of the past day. 

“I like the quiet time I have for myself before everyone else comes in. This is not to say that I don’t enjoy the presence of my coworkers. The team at MetDaan is amazing. Everyone is so cool and nice.”

Next, she sits at her desk and starts reviewing the comments received across our content. Well, almost. Together with the coworker sitting next to her, they like to play Wordle prior to starting work. It’s their thing.

 “Wordle has been an important part of my daily routine for a long time now. I saw my coworker playing it, and now we compete with each other to find the Wordle as soon as possible, and then head into work,” says Ariana.

Immediately after the Wordle routine, Ariana starts responding to the comments on the channels that usually have the most follower reactions. She says she loves what she does because it is very interesting to interact with people from all over the world since every commenter is unique.

Most of her day consists of meetings with different team members, aimed at sharing insights gathered from the community, or more specific things related to the implementation of our Community Management strategy. Another important part for Ariana is taking breaks. She feels like she is the most productive if she takes small breaks often, to breathe and relax. Often, she goes outdoors on our office balcony, to soak up some sun rays. She says that the balcony is one of her favorite parts of our office.

In her free time, apart from scrolling on social media, Ariana likes to read. She is currently reading the book “21 Lessons for the 21st Century” by Yuval Noah Harari. At the same time, Ariana is finishing her MSc degree in International Relations and Diplomacy. She says she loves working at MetDaan among other things for the flexibility the workplace provides her.

What is MetDaan Community like?

According to Ariana, MetDaan community is quite interesting. It is made up of people who truly enjoy the content we post. These are some very loving, compassionate, and intelligent people. They come from all over the world, which really makes the experience interesting for her, knowing she’s interacting with Americans, Canadians, and people from all over Europe, Africa, and Asia, – some of these being places she hasn’t visited yet.

Ariana says that the community is very interactive and very attentive to what we post. They pose questions about products included in our videos, express their opinions about our content, and are eager to learn more from what is shown in videos. She says that as a Community Manager, she often informs the audience with different interesting facts related to the content of the videos.

About MetDaan

MetDaan is the new generation of media for digital-first millennial women; we create, curate, and distribute content for the digital scene. We have created an ecosystem integrating our audience, content creators, social editors, and brands onto a single platform designed to inspire women to explore their own creativity and live their best lives. Through our +50 channels and +200 million followers across different social media platforms, we generate monthly numbers such as +5 billion video views, and +1 billion unique viewers, while producing more than 200 original videos per month. In addition, we work with content creators to supercharge their viewership and help them grow as well as expand their reach, community, and revenue.