MetDaan Fitness – a community of people who want to stay fit

Whether you want to get in better shape from the comfort of your home, find an exciting new workout to try at the gym, or simply learn more about the world of health and fitness, we’re here to serve you with the best fitness content. We created our Facebook page MetDaan Fitness to help a […]

MetDaan expands its portfolio of Snapchat Shows with Kitchen 101 and Crafting 101

We are happy to announce that our portfolio of Snapchat shows is expanding with two more additions – Kitchen 101 and Crafting 101. The creation of these two additional shows comes after the amazing success of our previous original shows, Pamper Yourself and Craft It Yourself. It also derives from our audience’s high demand for […]

A day at MetDaan: Community Manager Edition

Meet Ariana, our Community Manager at MetDaan! Read about what she usually does in a day, and see how she plays a very important role in keeping in touch with our community. What does a Community Manager do? A Community Manager makes sure the community gets the information they need, keeps the conversation going, and […]

MetDaan DIY, the handy guide for millions of people

Everyone loves learning good hacks that make life easier. At MetDaan, we have tapped into video content to help our audience find the easiest ways for performing different activities, by showing them relevant life-improving hacks, tips, and tricks. While we have a channel for every taste, today we will put the spotlight on the impact […]

MetDaan announces the acquisition of Kosip Media

MetDaan is excited to announce the acquisition of Kosip Media, an expansion that brings a growing business in the publishing sector. This acquisition demonstrates MetDaan’s aspiration to further enrich its content creation and distribution, by increasing its video production capacities and distributing channels: Interior Design Ideas with 7.7M followers, Aegyptus with 7.3M followers, and Salt […]

Showcasing Pamper Yourself, One of MetDaan Snapchat Shows

Pamper Yourself is a Snapchat Show released by MetDaan, which provides content focused on best beauty videos, natural beauty tips, and self-care tutorials. This show is helping millions of people discover creative ideas for their self-care routines. Releasing every week, the content on Pamper Yourself presents the greatest tips, hacks, and transformations in the beauty […]

Happy International Women’s Day

MetDaan is a global, digital lifestyle community dedicated to creating content, as well as discovering and publishing unique content from the world’s best creators. With more than +192 million subscribers across various platforms, MetDaan is regarded as a worldwide, top content creator and curator in different niches. Through the content we share on our platforms […]

It feels so good to be part of the cute economy

Watching videos of cute baby animals feels very uplifting. If you follow our Instagram or Facebook account, MetDaan Animals, you are most probably exposed to the cutest pet content. We love to make your day just a little bit better by sharing videos of puppies hugging their owners, cows going through self-care, kittens napping, ducks swimming […]

MetDaan stands with all those fighting breast cancer

MetDaan stands with all those fighting breast cancer In recognition of Pink October – Breast Cancer Awareness Month, our team discussed the symptoms of breast cancer, importance of self breast examination, and the existing services available through our health insurance package regarding this disease. As a company that aims to empower women, it is very […]