MetDaan expands its portfolio of Snapchat Shows with Kitchen 101 and Crafting 101

We are happy to announce that our portfolio of Snapchat shows is expanding with two more additions – Kitchen 101 and Crafting 101.

The creation of these two additional shows comes after the amazing success of our previous original shows, Pamper Yourself and Craft It Yourself. It also derives from our audience’s high demand for cooking and crafting content. Through these shows, we help our audience upscale their cooking and crafting skills while guiding them to perform different activities, step by step.

MetDaan Snapchat Shows, Kitchen 101 & Crafting 101

New episodes of both shows air each Friday and Saturday respectively, on Snapchat’s Discover page. All released episodes are available on the profiles of the shows, which can be found using Snapchat’s Search feature. Both shows are available in English, for all Snapchatters worldwide.

Kitchen 101 gives home chefs the tools, knowledge, and inspiration they need to easily create the meals they want to. With Kitchen 101, Snapchatters will be able to learn quick and clever kitchen tips and hacks that will forever change the way they cook, for the better. All content shared in this Snapchat show is produced in-house by our amazing production team. You can watch all episodes of this show here.

Crafting 101 is a show which helps our audience discover a whole different side of crafting ideas. From home decor to ways of adding handmade, personalized touches to every corner of their everyday lives, this show is a great example of high-quality, crowd-pleasing content. You can watch all episodes of this show here.

MetDaan Head of Content, Shaban Maxhuni, says that “MetDaan is constantly expanding its Snapchat portfolio, by either producing original shows or launching creator shows for its creator partners. We are excited to see the success of each show because it proves that our audience is satisfied with our content, and that’s the main goal of our team.”