It feels so good to be part of the cute economy

Watching videos of cute baby animals feels very uplifting. If you follow our Instagram or Facebook account, MetDaan Animals, you are most probably exposed to the cutest pet content. We love to make your day just a little bit better by sharing videos of puppies hugging their owners, cows going through self-care, kittens napping, ducks swimming in the pool, and the like. It’s hard to find content more heartwarming to watch than these adorable furry friends doing their thing. So, in case you are a fellow lover of animals, and you share cute animal content with your people, we are here to serve you, as is every other player in the cute economy.

What is the cute economy?

The cute economy is a part of the creator economy in which profit is generated by creating or sharing the content of creatures thought to be cute (i.e. pets, baby animals, human babies). You likely know more than one pet owner who has an Instagram account of their pet and constantly shares adorbs content. There are also accounts like our own, that curate content from these pet owners, and share them with larger interested audiences.

Our channel MetDaan Animals has +3.6 million followers on platforms Instagram and Facebook, and in January alone it generated +450 million video views across these platforms. Some of the categories featured in our content are animal friendships, animals acting like humans, puppy surprises, funny animal videos, dog and owner reunions, animal rescue videos, animal and human relationships, etc.

It’s amazing to see that so many people worldwide are interested in watching animal content. It is said that watching cute animal content has a positive impact on people’s mental health. At MetDaan, we can support this claim because of the beautiful comments we receive every day on the cute animal content we post.

What are the effects of watching and sharing cute content?

Whether you are on the consuming or sharing spectrum, you surely enjoy cute content. Scrolling on social media can be overwhelming, but stumbling upon heartwarming animal videos can have a very positive impact on one’s mood. Often, we share the things we love the most with our closest ones, also lifting their moods. So, cute content can positively impact our mood, as well as our relationships with others.

Moreover, research suggests that watching cute animal content can provide overall mental health benefits, like reducing stress and anxiety. In a study conducted by the University of Leeds and Tourism Western Australia, 19 participants were asked to watch a 30-minute slide show that included various content of cute animals. Findings showed that after this session, stress levels dropped by almost 50% in individual cases, while anxiety levels dropped by an average of 35% within the group.

Research also finds that watching cute content can boost focus and productivity. In a study made by Japanese researchers, it was found that participants who watched videos of Grumpy Cats, or other animal content, experienced a boost of productivity for certain tasks. Therefore, next time you feel like you can’t get your head on a task, visit MetDaan Animals for some videos, and who knows, you might feel a difference.

With the many positive things that creating and sharing cute content brings, MetDaan Animals’ team is lucky to be contributing to the cute economy, hoping to brighten up the days of millions of people who follow and watch what we share.