MetDaan ranked as the Most Viewed Digital First Media Company on Facebook for October 2021

With a diverse portfolio of channels covering beauty, fashion, DIY, animals, fitness, food, and more, MetDaan is reaching billions of people worldwide.

According to Tubular Labs, in October 2021, MetDaan ranked first in terms of video views on Facebook. During this month, we have managed to amass no less than 5.4 billion views through videos posted across our Facebook channels.

Moreover, Tubular Labs has ranked MetDaan among the top 3 digital first media companies with the most views across all social media platforms. The beauty of creating content for many platforms is that each one is unique in itself, requiring different strategies to attract the attention of different audiences. This ranking showcases the amazing work our team has done to keep up with the trends of different platforms, successfully.  

We are also happy to announce that our best performing curated content this month has managed to raise awareness on doing things differently. The incredible story of Sarah Talbi, a a woman born without upper limbs, has inspired millions of viewers through a video in which she expresses her motherhood skills, regardless of her special condition. In the words of our team, she is indeed “not just a mom, but a super mom”.

In addition, our numbers for the month of October have been impressive, nearing 4 billion video minutes watched within just one month. Crazy, right! It is amazing to know that people worldwide like to spend their precious time watching our useful and entertaining content.

We take pride in our ability to serve the taste of billions of people, through creating and sharing content that is engaging, inspiring, educational, and entertaining. MetDaan attributes all these insights to its phenomenal team, who work relentlessly every single day to keep up with constantly changing trends, grow MetDaan and create a positive impact in the world.