Showcasing Pamper Yourself, One of MetDaan Snapchat Shows

Pamper Yourself is a Snapchat Show released by MetDaan, which provides content focused on best beauty videos, natural beauty tips, and self-care tutorials. This show is helping millions of people discover creative ideas for their self-care routines. Releasing every week, the content on Pamper Yourself presents the greatest tips, hacks, and transformations in the beauty industry. 

We are happy to produce content that helps so many Snapchat users discover the most creative ways of performing self-care. Our team is dedicated to making the content on Pamper Yourself as user friendly as possible, showing all steps of each process, and being as informative as possible”, says MetDaan Head of Content, Shaban Maxhuni

MetDaan launched Pamper Yourself at the end of 2018, and ever since, this channel has grown at an amazing pace. Today, this show has beyond 4.5 million subscribers, and each month it amasses millions of video views. In February alone, the content posted in Pamper Yourself counted over 100 million views.

Pamper Yourself currently has 8 series, and 179 show episodes. Each week, we release a new episode, while the content created for this show includes diverse self-care processes, such as lash and brow transformations, make-up secrets and creative make-up ideas, face masks and treatments, feet masks and pedicures, etc.

Pamper Yourself is the first Snapchat Show launched by MetDaan, however, our portfolio of Snapchat Shows is currently comprised of three shows, namely: Pamper Yourself, Craft it Yourself, and Mounir Hair Master.